4.8 | Exterior Door Locking

4.8.A | The exterior doors with card access are always locked. Residents are expected to carry their keys and University ID card to gain access to locked halls. Propping of exterior doors and/or tampering with locks are considered serious security violations. Residents are expected to aid in maintaining the security of their hall. ID cards are never to be given to another person to gain entry into the hall. Violating this policy will result in disciplinary action.

4.8.B | "Tailgating" is defined as allowing another student, or individual, to enter the buildings ahead of, or behind you, without swiping their University ID. Tailgating is prohibited. The card access system is in place for the safety of residents of each building; allowing individuals to enter without swiping their ID puts the safety of the community at risk. Additionally, residents providing their ID card to a guest will be subject to disciplinary action.

4.8.C | Room keys and outside door keys will be issued to each resident at check-in. Outside door keys will not be issued to residents in halls with card access system. If a key is lost or broken students are expected to report that information to a Residence Hall staff member as soon as possible. Students will be charged a minimum of $100 per lost key. The room key charge will cover the cost of lock replacement and printing the new set of keys. Residents failing to return their keys at the time of check-out or during vacation periods will be charged the replacement fee. Excessive lockouts may result in disciplinary action, or fines. Duplication of university keys is prohibited. Possession of university keys other than those assigned is not permitted.