All Other Civil Rights Complaints (Non sex-based)

3.2 | All Others Civil Rights Complaints (Non-sex Based)

3.2.A | The following applies to all civil rights complaints based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, and/or veteran status:

i. The investigative authority will have five (5) business days to create a final draft report and share that document electronically with both the complainant and the respondent.

ii. The complainant and respondent will have ten (10) business days to review the report and submit responses and/or written, relevant questions that the party wants asked of any other party or witness.

iii. The investigative authority will provide each party with the other party's questions and answers, and allow for the additional, limited follow-up questions for each, provide each party with the questions and answers and allow for additional, limited follow-up questions from each party.

iv. The investigative authority will have ten (10) business days to complete this process.

3.2.B | The investigative authority must explain to the party proposing the questions any decisions to exclude a question as repetitious or not relevant. The investigative authority will then have five (5) additional business days to prepare a final report for review by OGC and SECO. Once approved by OGC and SECO, the final report shall be submitted directly to the Designated Administrator by the Director.