21. Skateboards, Rollerblades, Hover boards, Scooters, Hammocks, & Drones

Misuse of Skateboards, Rollerblades, Scooters, Bicycles, Self-Balancing Boards, or Similar Modes of Transportation

Use of skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, bicycles or other similar modes of transportation in University buildings or on University premises in such a manner as to constitute a safety hazard or cause damage to University or personal property. The use, possession, charging or storage of self-balancing boards or similar devices on University or personal property. Bicycles and scooters need to be secured to University provided bike racks.

Bicycles found in violation will be impounded by the University Police Department. These items are not permitted in University buildings.

Hammocking Regulations

Attaching rope, wire or other material or device to any tree, shrub, bush or plant is prohibited on University property. Designated hammock areas exist in multiple locations on campus. Hammocks must not be attached to anything other than the established posts in these designated areas.


All drone flights on the WTAMU campus must be approved by the University Police Department (UPD), which works in conjunction with the Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management offices; unless the flight has an approved flight plan in a designated location prior to the flight taking place.

FAA guidelines for all drone flights can be found at

The Texas A&M University System is also finalizing a drone policy which can be found at

Parking Barracades

The University Police Department and Physical Plant often have to block off spaces for special events, construction projects, and routine maintenance. Students caught tampering with cones, barricades, or signs could be subject to University sanctions.