Part 4: Residential Living

Each student in the residence halls is expected to exercise self-discipline and to respect the rights of other students. Each resident must realize that in a community-living experience, certain rules should be observed by all in order to maintain a safe and educational environment.

Each residence hall has the ability to institute rules, according to parameters specifically related to the goals of the Office of Residential Living, provided that these rules do not conflict with the rules of the University and are approved by the Director of Residential Living.

Students who witness violations should report them to residence hall staff and/or UPD. Questions related to appropriate and inappropriate behavior should be addressed to the residence hall staff or the Student Handbook.


  1. Alcohol Containers
  2. Balconies
  3. Business Operations
  4. Candles and Incense
  5. Chalking
  6. Damages or Losses
  7. Decorations
  8. Exterior Door Locking
  9. Furniture
  10. Guests
  11. Hall Sports
  12. Laundry, Ice or Vending Machines
  13. Offensive Odors
  14. Prohibited Items
  15. Quiet Hours
  16. Solicitation
  17. Unauthorized Areas
  18. Vandalism
  19. Windows/Window Screens
  20. ResLife Handbook


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