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Welcome to the West Texas A&M University community! It is our hope that you find an environment that supports your success as a student, and to that end, this document outlines the community standards that, when upheld by all, will support that environment.

While this document outlines some general prohibitions of conduct contrary to the building of a positive learning environment, it also lays your rights as a student, and we hope you will pay close attention to those.

We seek a community of learners where mutual respect, between and among students, faculty, staff, and administration, allows for meaningful and productive dialogue, and this document represents our intent to balance those rights, responsibilities, and various levels of authority.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the processes and guidelines found within. If you have any questions along the way, please contact us in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, located in Suite 102 of the Jack B. Kelley Student Center.

Good Luck and Go Buffs!

Dr. Chris Thomas
Vice President for Student Affairs


West Texas A&M University is a community that is dedicated to personal and academic excellence. Choosing to join the community obligates each member to a code of civilized behavior. The purpose of this handbook is to present the rules that govern the student conduct and student activities at West Texas A&M University and describe faculty and staff obligations in their work with students. These rules result from years of experience, and are the products of students, staff, and faculty thought. Each individual student, faculty member, and staff employee is expected to read this handbook carefully and observe its requirements.

No rule, no matter how carefully worded, can cover all eventualities completed. Beyond specific rules, we should all aspire to conduct ourselves with respect for others, the highest ethical standards, and personal integrity. That is what the Buff Spirit is all about.


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Admission to West Texas A&M University and any of its sponsored programs is open to all qualified individuals without regard to any subgroup classification or stereotype.

If you need the rules information in an alternate format, please contact the Office of Community Standards at (806) 651-2389 or e-mail at This site is maintained by the Office of Community Standards, if you have questions or problems accessing this site please utilize the contact information above.

Student Conduct with Community Standards

The University Philosophy on Student Discipline

The university’s philosophy on student discipline is educational in nature. West Texas A&M University recognizes that students will make mistakes and, at times, decisions that do not align with personal values and/or university expectations. The Office of Community Standards is charged with helping students reflect and learn from these decisions by holding them accountable for their behavior. Through the conduct process, university officials assist students in ethical, personal and intellectual development as well as developing character and integrity. The Student Conduct process offers education, challenge and support to students struggling with behavioral issues, and makes appropriate referrals to other resources as necessary. 


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