4.7 | Decorations


4.7.A | Pictures, posters, and other items used to decorate a student's room, are encouraged as long as they do not create a health, fire hazard, or cause damage to the room.

4.7.B | Appropriate adhesives: Residents may not nail or drill into the walls. Use of command strips is allowed, however, students are responsible for correct application and removal. If removal causes damage to the wall, cost will be assessed and charged to the student upon check-out.

4.7.C | Decor: Decorations must be limited to no more than 20% of your door and walls, and should not be offensive in nature.

4.7.D | Public View: All decorations visible through the window or on the door should be appropriate. Pictures and other materials that may be considered objectionable should not be displayed in areas that may be visible outside the student's room.

4.7.E | Painting: Residents are not permitted to paint any section of their Residence Hall room. Students will be charged for altering any portion of their room, and/or the cost of repainting.

4.7.F | Lights: Miniature holiday string lights, or rope lights, may be used year-round, if: they are appropriately hung/attached to the wall, are UL/FM approved, and are plugged directly into the wall outlet, or approved surge protector.

4.7.G | Holiday Decorations: If students decorate their rooms for the holidays these guidelines must be followed:

i. Trees and other greenery must be artificial, and must have proof of flame resistance.

ii. Fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguisher cabinets, smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, and exit signs must not be covered, and exits must not be impeded.

4.7.H | Street/Road Signs: Street/Road signs are considered the property of the respective government agencies where the sign is located and any inappropriate removal or possession by authorized individuals may result in judicial or legal action. Individuals possessing street/road signs may be requested to provide proof of ownership.

4.7.I | Wallpaper and Boarder: The use of wallpaper and/or border is not permitted within the Residence Halls.