Withdrawal Procedures

1.10 | Withdrawal Procedure

1.10.A | Withdrawing from WT: Withdrawing is dropping all classes in a semester (with the option of returning). Withdrawing, or dropping your last class, cannot be accomplished through Buff Advisor. Withdrawing by the deadline can be done through:

i. Before Withdrawing: If there is anything that WTAMU can do to assist you in remaining enrolled, please contact the Registrar Office via email at This office is available to advocate for your needs and assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

ii. Completing and submitting the electronic withdrawal form.

iii. In person at the Office of the Registrar.

1.10.B | Involuntary Withdrawal: Students who display dangerous, or disruptive behavior may be given a referral for an evaluation from an off-campus provider, and/or administratively (involuntarily) withdrawn from WTAMU.

i. Notification of Involuntary Withdrawal: The student will be notified in person, if possible, and also in writing. Students who fail to respond in a timely manner, or otherwise participate in the Involuntary Withdrawal process will not invalidate or delay any action made by the University.

ii. Cause for Involuntary Withdrawal: Dangerous or disruptive behavior can include, but is not limited to:

a. Poses harm to oneself, or demonstrates an inability to care for oneself;

b. Substantially interferes with the educational experience of others (including Residential Living); or

c. Causes a chronic, inordinate use of university resources, such as emergency services, counseling services, or other staff/time services that results in an undue burden on the university.

iii. Appeal Process: If the student chooses to appeal the university's decision, they must provide this appeal to the Vice President for Student Affairs within five (5) business days. The appeal will be reviewed by our Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT), who will issue a determination within three (3) business days of receiving the information, unless the current information requires further investigation. An appropriate appeal would include:

a. Information, or evidence, demonstrating that they are well enough to remain in the university environment.