1.7 | Transfer Credit

1.7.A | Transfer students have earned 12 or more transferable college-level credit at a regionally accredited institution the fall semester, or later, after high school graduation. College credits earned prior to high school graduation (dual credit) and courses taken immediately following high school graduation during the summer do not count towards the 12 needed to classify a student as a transfer student.

1.7.B | Applicants who hold an associate degree from a regionally accredited community college, or have a combination of transferable hours, and GPA outlined below, are guaranteed admission:

i. Transferable Hours GPA

ii. 12+ hours and 2.0 or greater cumulative GPA

1.7.C | Applicants that do not meet guarantee criteria above will be evaluated under a competitive review process. Factors considered may include, but are not limited to: types of courses taken, rigor of curriculum, pattern of progress, and potential for success.

1.7.D | Students who are currently suspended from another college or university are not eligible for admission to West Texas A&M University.