A guest is defined as a person who is not assigned to the room they are visiting. Residence hall students are allowed to host guests in their rooms according to the rules outlined below. However, violating a roommate’s right of entry into the room or hindering a roommate’s ability to study and/or sleep within their room is considered a violation of guest privileges. Roommates have the right to deny guests. Guests are not to enter or be present in a room, suite, or lobby area without the host being present.

  • Host Responsibilities - Hosts are responsible for the behavior of their guest at all times and are obligated to inform the guest of all University and residence hall rules and Any violation of rules or regulations by a guest may result in disciplinary action being taken against both the host and the guest.
  • Overnight Guests - Overnight guests are allowed to spend the night but only with the permission of the Overnight guests may not stay in a room for more than three consecutive nights. A maximum of two guests are allowed in a room on a given night
  • Escorting of Guests - Their host must escort guests at all times. Guests are required to wait for their escort before proceeding to their host’s Guests should be escorted completely out of the host’s residence hall. Escorting must also take place in enclosed courtyards. Never escort anyone who is not your guest. Violating this policy may result in disciplinary sanctions.
  • Visitation - 24-hour visitation is permitted throughout the residence halls, this does not supersede the overnight guest policy.