5. Appeals – Allegations of Discrimination Not Based on Sex

Appeals - Allegations of Discrimination Not Based on Sex

Any employee disciplined pursuant to the regulation may appeal that action in accordance with System Policy 12.01, Academic Freedom, Responsibility and Tenure; System Policy 32.01, Employee Complaint and Appeal Procedures; System Regulation 32.01.02, Complaint and Appeal Process for Non-faculty Employees; and/or other system policies or regulations as appropriate.

Any student receiving a sanction of separation (expulsion or suspension) pursuant to this regulation may appeal the sanction in accordance with the member rule and/or code of conduct for student grievances.

Employees appealing sanctions issued pursuant to this regulation will receive an unredacted copy of the investigation report and exhibits, upon request, with admonishments regarding privacy.

During business hours, you are strongly urged to contact the Executive Director of Title IX & Community Standards Old Sub Building, Room 108, (806) 651-3199.

In order to report an alleged violation of the Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy, you may report directly to the Executive Director Title IX & Community Standards at (806) 651-2389, University Police Department (806) 651-2300, or you may complete the Online complaint form: