Fire Safety

Persons who jeopardize the security or safety of any resident will be subject to severe disciplinary action. Tampering with fire equipment or acts of arson can result in civil prosecution, disciplinary measures, and/or possible fines. Failing to evacuate a building anytime a fire alarm is sounded will result in disciplinary sanctions. Additionally, causing the fire alarm to sound due to negligence or by tampering with equipment may result in disciplinary action and may result in remuneration of fees assessed by local authorities.

Fire Drills: The university will hold fire drills to acquaint the people with fire evacuation procedures. All people are required to follow directions during the drills. Failure to evacuate the building may result in disciplinary action, a monetary fine, and possible suspension.

Fire Equipment: It is imperative that fire and safety equipment functions properly when it is needed, the following acts are prohibited. 

a. Tampering or playing with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, exit lights, emergency lights or door and door frame fire-rating labels. 

b. Tampering with or pulling a fire alarm under false pretense. 

c. Removing smoke detector batteries or otherwise rendering a smoke detector inoperable.

d. Propping open fire doors.

e. Obstructing halls and stairwells with furniture, debris, and other materials. 

f. Hanging objects from smoke detectors and sprinklers.

g. Presence on fire escapes in non-emergency situations.

Smoke Detectors: All rooms and offices are equipped with smoke detectors. People that detect a problem with their smoke detector should contact the hall staff immediately. Disciplinary action will result if the smoke detector is removed or otherwise renders the detector inoperative. Disciplinary action could also result for persons who cause potential fire hazards through unsafe practices (i.e., overloading circuits, use of inappropriate extension cords, power taps, use of unauthorized cooking appliances, etc.).

Sprinkler Systems: The university is not responsible for any damage caused by the sprinkler system. Residents who cause the system to activate will be held accountable for any damage caused to their personal property, other residents' property, and to university property. Residents tampering with the sprinkler systems are very sensitive. Please be aware of the following:

a. Never cover a sprinkler head.

b. Do not hang items from the sprinkler head or piping. 

c. Sprinkler heads may never be obstructed or altered.

d. Nothing may be stored within 18 inches of the sprinkler head.

e. Any items that hits the sprinkler head may cause it to activate.

f. The sprinkler system is activated by contact or heat, not smoke.

Open Flames: No items that have open flames, flammable fuels, or open coils may be used in any campus building. This includes, but is not limited to candles, lanterns, heaters, and incense. These items will be confiscated immediately.