4.14 | Prohibited Items

4.14.A | Air Conditioners: For safety, and electrical concerns, no student may install an air conditioner, or water cooler in their room. This includes portable air conditioning systems. Fans are permitted.

4.14.B | Appliances: Electrical appliances must be plugged directly into a wall outlet, and are not permitted to be plugged into a power strip. Electrical appliances that are not allowed include, but are not limited to: camping stoves, ceiling fans, electric skillets or woks, griddles, "Insta-pot" or similar multi-cooker, deep fryers, convection cooker, "George Foreman" type grills, any halogen torchiere lamp or lamps that use halogen bulbs, potpourri pots, hot oil popcorn poppers, hot plates, oven broilers, power tools, any appliance with an open coil, space heater, toaster ovens, or chest freezers. Allowed appliances include: coffee pots, rice cookers, blenders, and crock pots.

4.14.C | Only university issued refrigerators and microwaves are permitted. The hall staff will confiscate unauthorized or misused appliances, and the individuals responsible will be subject to Student Conduct proceedings. It is the resident's responsibility to seek approval for any appliance in question.

i. Buff Hall only: Residents are permitted to bring their own microwave, as these are not provided in individual rooms.

4.14.D | Extension Cords: Extension cords of any type are not permitted in the halls. Only UL or FM rated surge protectors are permitted. The UL/FM sticker on the surge protector must note "surge protected device". Those listen as "relocatable power taps" or otherwise are not permitted. Daisy Chaining (connecting multiple surge protectors together) is a fire safety hazard and prohibited.

4.14.E | Heaters: For safety and electrical concerns, no portable heating units are allowed within the Residence Hall.

4.14.F | Waterbeds: Waterbeds are not permitted in any student room, due to safety and maintenance concerns.