Tuition Refunds

1.21 | Tuition Refunds

1.21.A | Students that choose not to complete a class for the semester but intend to remain enrolled in other courses for the remainder of the semester should follow the procedure to drop the class. Dropping a course is not appropriate for students enrolled in only one course for the semester. If the student is enrolled in one course and does not wish to complete it, the student should follow the withdrawal process.

1.21.B | Students will have 100% of the charges associated with a dropped course reversed from their university balance, only if the course is dropped by midnight of the census date for the semester. Courses dropped after the census date will be due in full on:

i. 12th class day for Fall and Spring semester

ii. 4th class day for Summer 1 term

iii. 4th class day for Summer 2 term

iv. 2nd class day for Winter Intersession

v. 2nd class day for Spring Intersession