4.15 | Quiet/Courtesy Hours

4.15.A | Quiet hours are maintained to help provide an atmosphere that is conducive to academic success and to promote an environment where individuals can learn from the experience of group living. The enforcement of quiet hours is the responsibility of each resident, with the assistance of the Hall staff as needed. Each living area must observe quiet hours from:

i. Sunday to Thursday: 10pm to 8am.

ii. Friday and Saturday: midnight to 8am

4.15.B | Each living area may vote to extend these hours. The Office of Residential Living reserves the right of final approval for such hours.

4.15.C | Courtesy hours are in effect throughout the halls 24 hours a day. Therefore, noise (stereo, radio, TV, musical instruments, voices, etc.) must be maintained at levels that will not interfere with the study or sleep of other residents. If you encounter excessive noise, first request that the offender reduce their noise level. If they persist, contact your CA or the staff member on duty.

4.15.D | Quiet Hours During Finals: To help promote an intense study period, there will be 24-hour quiet hours in effect during final exams in all Residence Halls.