1. Basic Rules & Procedures Governing Student Life/Reporting Allegations of Misconduct

Student Bill of Rights

Students have the right to inquire about and to recommend improvements in rules and procedures affecting the welfare of students.

All students have the right to form or join any association for the purpose of examining and discussing all questions or concerns to them including questions relating to university actions, procedures, and rules.

Students have the right to participate in a free exchange of ideas or speech, the university is allowed to set parameters of time, place, and manner anywhere on university property.

All students shall be treated on an equal basis in all areas and activities of the university, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, gender, age, disability, national origin and/or sexual orientation.

Students have the right to personal privacy except as otherwise provided by law.

Leave Policy

Any pregnant student(s), or student(s) planning to become pregnant, should consult their health care provider to determine what, if any, additional precautions are needed based on their individual situation. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate their needs to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs as soon as possible for risk reduction to begin when it can be most effective, and to determine if additional modifications are needed. While the university cannot mandate that the student notify that they are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, the university strongly recommends that students do provide notification so appropriate steps can be taken to ensure the health of both parent and child. To communicate health circumstances or to request additional information please contact the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs.