Part 6 | Propose Revisions

6.1 | The Student Handbook Rule Revision Process

6.1.A | The Student Handbook Committee is charged with reviewing proposals for revisions to the West Texas A&M University Student Handbook. Proposed revisions approved by the Student Handbook Committee are sent to the President for final approval. Final approval from the President must be received prior to inclusion in the published rules. Only current faculty, staff, or students may submit a rule change to the student rules.

6.1.B | Federal, State, and local education law updates, that directly impact the Student Handbook, will be posted to the "Rule Additions, Changes, and Deletions page". If you would like to propose a revision to any WT Student Rule, please follow the steps below:

i. Use the following link to access the Proposed Revision Form: 

ii. Complete the form and submit.

iii. The Student Handbook Committee will confirm receipt of the submission.

iv. The Committee will follow up with the individual once a decision on the revision has been made.


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