2.17 | Abuse of the Student Conduct System

2.17.A | Failure of a student to respond to a notification to appear before a student conduct officer during any stage of the conduct process.

2.17.B | Falsification, distortion, or misrepresentation of information in Conduct Proceedings.

2.17.C | Filing an allegation known to be without merit or cause.

2.17.D | Discouraging, or attempting to discourage an individual's proper participation in, or use of, the Conduct Process, Disciplinary Proceedings, etc.

2.17.E | Influencing, or attempting to influence, the impartiality of a member of a disciplinary body prior to and/or during the disciplinary proceedings.

2.17.F | Influencing, or attempting to influence, another person to commit an abuse of the discipline system.

2.17.G | Failure to comply with the sanction(s), condition(s), and/or restriction(s) imposed by a Student Conduct Officer under the Student Handbook.