Math Lab

The WTAMU Math Lab, located in Classroom Center 411, provides students with tutoring in math from Beginning Algebra to Calculus II (Math 0302 – Math 2414) in a math study hall atmosphere. Students can work on their math homework, ask math questions and use the Math Lab’s equipment such as textbooks, computers, whiteboards and calculators. Our main goal is to help students succeed in math. We assess our success by the pass rates and GPA of Math Lab regulars (10+ visits/semester), the number of students who use the Math Lab, and the ratio of number of sign-ins/swipes to the number of students enrolled in the math courses that we tutor. Math Lab regulars tend to have a higher pass rate and GPA in their math class compared to their math peers overall. The Math Lab is a part of the Gateway Project, winner of the 2012 THECB Star Award.

Contact Us

Director of Math Lab: Melissa Timmons

Office: CC 421J

Phone: 806-651-2681


Math Lab Hours

Monday & Thursday 8:30am- 5pm

Tuesday & Wednesday 8:30am- 7pm

Friday 10am- 2pm