Dr. Erick Butler

Erick Butler

Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering

Office: Engineering Building 221M
Phone: 806-651-2271

Professional Profile

Dr. Butler joined the College of Engineering in Fall 2013 as an Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering. He earned his B.S in environmental science with a concentration in environmental technology, an M.S. in environmental engineering, and a doctorate in civil engineering all from Cleveland State University. His dissertation research was in dye wastewater treatment using electrocoagulation and photo-oxidation.

Teaching and Related Service

Dr. Butler’s teaching interests are in environmental engineering area, such as water and wastewater treatment, air pollution, and solid and hazardous waste. Currently, Dr. Butler is teaching Fundamentals of Engineering, Surveying, and Water and Wastewater Treatment. Currently, Dr. Butler also serves as handling editor for two international journals—International Journal of Environmental Engineering and International Journal of Environment and Waste Management. 

Research and Creative Activity

Recently, Dr. Butler received a grant from the Ogallala Aquifer Program to complete research on feedyard waste using the electrocoagulation treatment process. He anticipates using this treatment process will not only remove constituents within waste, but also potentially capture phosphorus for reuse.