Civil Engineering

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What does it take to be an engineering student at WT? Tanna walked us through a day in her life as an engineering student, and also shared how she was able to get an internship through her relationships with faculty. Tanna now has the practical skills and confidence to go out and be the best engineer she can be.


What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering is the oldest and broadest engineering discipline, concerned with the development of the built environment. This encompasses various infrastructure components that modern civilization requires for existence. Buildings, bridges and dams are some of the structural components designed by Structural Engineers. Planning for water treatment facilities, water resources, waste disposal, and environmental remediation are managed by Water Resource and Environmental Engineers. Roads, highways, airports, light-rail systems, waterways and canals, and railroad systems are designed by Transportation engineers and development of foundations for buildings, study of the mechanics of soil, foundation design, and earthquake mitigation are done by the Geotechnical engineers. Civil Engineering is an intensely exciting profession that prepares you to potentially design and build the largest to the smallest man-made structures.


The Civil Engineering curriculum is designed with these broad-based qualities required for a civil engineering graduate that will improve your critical thinking, communication skills, mathematical aptitude and your ability for teamwork. The undergraduate civil engineering program at WT is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,, under the General Criteria and the Program Criteria for Civil and Similarly Named Engineering Programs which guarantees that this educational program has the required standards of quality being maintained.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering program at WT focuses on a collaborative, hands-on approach to education and research and emphasizes on real-world applications. Civil Engineering faculty at WT engages with industry and government on a broad range of research topics relevant to environmental study, structural, transportation, geotechnical engineering, water resources, and sustainable development and mechanics.


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