Computer Science

Why Computer Science?

Computers are an essential part of every sector in today’s technology driven world. The increasing growth of information around the world, integration of computing technology into everyday items, and globalization have created new opportunities for computer scientists to make the best use of existing technologies and to rapidly develop new ones. The field of computer science is an evolving field that involves a lot of creativity and creates endless opportunities for students after graduation. And last but not the least, according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, computing jobs are the fastest growing and highest paid jobs in the nation.

 What is unique about the CS program at WT?

The WT CS program offers the breadth and depth of the discipline through courses that cover theory, design, development, and application of computer systems. The CS program at WT focuses on preparing the future workforce by providing a strong foundation of existing technologies and paving ways for them to embrace the emerging ones with less difficulty. The rich and diverse discipline prepares students wanting to enter emerging fields of computer science such as software engineering, enterprise systems, mobile computing, artificial intelligence, and so on. Most of our students are successful in finding internship positions during their junior and senior years which develop into full-time jobs upon graduation.

 Small class sizes and individual attention enables our students to stay connected with the faculty members during their stay at WT and even after graduation. Our courses embed hands-on learning along with opportunities for the students to apply their critical thinking, problem solving, and strategic thinking skills to find solutions for challenging computing problems.  A required senior year two semester project experience allows students to walkthrough the various phases of the Software Development Life Cycle by exploring cutting-edge tools and techniques.     

Our program is the only B.S in Computer Science degree program in the state that offers an emphasis on mainframe computer technologies in its curriculum. We have been offering this for more than ten years. The exposure to the mainframe skills through our courses has enabled our students to do well in the Master the Mainframe (MTM) competition offered annually by IBM. A combination of skills gained from the courses we offer and the student performances on the MTM competitions have enabled our graduates to find placement in Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Fidelity Investments, Bank of America, Visa, Broadcom Inc., Texas Instruments, and so on.