Department of Nursing Highlights

Simulation. Although the Department of Nursing has an interactive simulation center on campus, we are also a founding member of SimCentral, located in Amarillo. WT students along with students in various healthcare disciplines in other local educational institutions come together to participate in interdisciplinary simulation case studies and scenarios. 

Studying Health and Wellness. Helping people achieve and maintain good health is a major focus in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Priscella Correa, instructor of nursing, has devoted the majority of her professional life to improving the quality of life for those medically underserved. Thousands of individuals have attended the Inner City Health in downtown Amarillo. This health fair is conducted in spring and fall. Senior I BSN students plan and implement the health fair under the guidance of nursing faculty members. FNP-MSN students also collaborate by offering their services as well under the guidance of Dr. Angel Phillips.

Making our Community Healthier. As a part of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences initiatives, in spring of 2018, the Department of Nursing has opened an employee health clinic to address healthcare needs of the staff and employees of West Texas A&M University.

Recognition and AwardsThe Department of Nursing has been awarded and recognized for numerous achievements over the last few years.


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