Degree Types

Are there different types of degrees? Yes! But all degrees at West Texas A&M University require completion of the core curriculum.

Career Specific
Some degrees are career-specific and have a clear college-to-work application. Examples include nursing, engineering, and accounting. Students planning to go into career-specific majors should get into these majors as soon as possible.
Liberal Arts
Other degrees aim to help students develop general intellectual skills, such as written and verbal communication, critical thinking, problem solving, understanding and analyzing written material, and to provide general knowledge. These degrees are not directly related to a specific work application but are versatile and can be a good choice for many occupations. Examples include: Fine Arts and Humanities, Political Science, History, Psychology, and Sociology. These degrees are called Liberal Arts degrees.
NACE Competencies

So how do Liberal Arts graduates get a job after college?  They must be able to articulate their skills (also called "competencies") and communicate the value they bring to employers. See the findings of NACE (National Association of College and Employers), on the key "career readiness" skills sought by employers of college graduates.


Developing Competencies
Liberal Arts degrees can provide an excellent background to develop career-readiness competencies. This is especially true when the student is also active in campus organizations, internships, volunteer activities and/or part-time work. It is important for all students to identify their areas of natural talent (StrengthsQuest) and develop their talents into strengths they can carry into the professional world. Some students add a minor to a Liberal Arts major to develop an additional area of focus. Many students go on to graduate studies in a wide variety of disciplines.
internship group
Career Exploration
It is highly recommended that Liberal Arts majors engage in career exploration starting early in their college experience. Career coaching can assist students in getting onto the path of identifying options so they know what to target when they complete their degree.
career coaching lightbulb
Whichever major you choose, please choose an area where you have some genuine interest and curiosity regarding the subject matter and one where you can be an academic success.