Diving Into Your Results
Exploring YouScience
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Self-Guided Walk Through YouScience

YouScience is a great resource, with great insight into YOU; it can truly help you explore careers and further your career development. From learning your top talents and main interests, to how you contribute to a team, to providing top career matches and what majors can help you get there. Along with this online resource, Career and Professional Development also offers YouScience Exploration & Follow Up appointments where you can meet one-on-one with a staff member to dive into your results, explore what they mean and learn how you can effectively use the results in your career exploration and development as well as in your job search and even in a job interview. But if you have questions about your results and can’t make time to meet with a career coach, we can still help!

We hope this guide, plus additional campus resources, will help in your major exploration, career decision making, or any part of the career development process – because learning about you, learning what is out there and how to get there, comparing options, and taking focused actions steps so you can make an informed decision can help you as you design your life.

Need help getting into YouScience? Give our office a call at 806.651.2345 or come by Classroom Center 113.

How to Get an Account
YouScience Setup
Each WT Student is given a unique access code to YouScience. You can find this code in your WT Email (let us know if you haven't received it.) WT alum, faculty or staff? Reach out, we're happy to set you up with one as well. Within the email from YouScience, click the activation link. It will take you to a page where your email and unique code have already been input. Create your password and it will set up your account. From there you'll setup your bio by answering a few questions and then you will be ready to begin the brain games.
The Name of the Game
Game Time!

Time to dive into the brain games and get ready to be amazed! There are 11 exercises, 10 aptitudes and one interest profiler. The software helps to identify careers that could be a good match for you based on your results from the brain games, but it also gives you great insight into yourself, info that is helpful for interviews, resume building, and more!

As you are playing the games, be sure you are in a distraction free environment. You don't have to take them all at once, but be sure to finish the game you are in the midst of before you stop. 


YouScience offers a world of insight into your brain that will blow your mind. There are five sections, but we will only focus on three: Aptitudes, Careers and Describing You. 



Aptitude is a fancy word for your natural talent. It's how your brain instinctively works. 

YouScience helps you to unlock and better understand your talents. We all have areas we are strong in, and knowing what those are can help us to better know what areas we will excel in. Do you enjoy creative environments and thinking on your feet? Are you quick to spot patterns and complex trends among numbers? Knowing this can make you a better student, a more efficient employee, and can even help you in your social life. 


Career Matches

How can playing brain games give you career matches that make sense?

YouScience pulls your natural talent and your interests together, giving you a wonderful combination of insight into yourself. Your profile provides a deep dive into what makes you amazing and then matches you to more than 500 careers. Each career has helpful information such as a day in the life, core tasks, salary information, how to get there, common majors, and even what kind of training to expect once you land the job.


Describing You

While this section may seem simple, with the right mindset, you can truly use it to your advantage.

This section allows you to remove bullets that you believe do not align with you, but you can always add them back. Every month or so, go back to your removed section and build a to-do list for self-development. Find TedTalks, webinars, LinkedIn Learnings, and other development opportunities to grow in these areas. Have an upcoming job interview? Be sure to talk about how you've been using your down time to work on improving these areas!

Additional Exploration Resources

There are more resources you can utilize to further your exploration, whether for your major or career selection.
Further your Exploration
Workshop It

If you're interested in learning more tips and tricks for career exploration, check out our "Explore You(Science) Workshop." 

Choosing a major and planning for your future career is a process, not a destination with a finite ending point. Making good decisions depends on gathering good information. When developing a career plan, this includes information both about you and about careers. So, what types of information about yourself should you gather? Of course most people think about interests and skills when they think about careers. "What do I like?" or "What am I good at?" There are also other things to consider such as work values and personality fit. "Who do I want to work with?" or "Where do I want to be in my career in five years?" Join us as discuss how learning your aptitudes and interests can better assist you in choosing a major and/or career path.

Meet with a Career Coach
Schedule an Appointment

If you've loved what you've learned and want to dive deeper and have a more in-depth discussion with one of our staff members, login to Handshake  and schedule a YouScience Exploration and Follow Up appointment. We can meet in-person or via Zoom with both current students and WT alumni. If you need assistance setting up your account, please call our office at 806.651.2345.