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Mock Interviews are offered year round and benefit both the student and employer/volunteer. Students are able to gain valuable feedback and insight into the interview process, while employers have the opportunity to give back to the WT community, meet terrific students, and share their interviewing expertise.

Mock interview sessions are 2 hours long with each interview lasting 30 minutes, so each employer/volunteer will potentially meet with 4 different students. During the Fall and Spring semesters, we offer interviews on Zoom and in-person. During the Summer, we only offer interviews on Zoom.

Mock Interviewer Volunteer Form
We have several dates where we need help from volunteers like you! Follow the link below to submit your information to help out with our Mock Interview program.
Scheduling Process

We will create a schedule in Handshake with your name, title and company name where students can sign up for a specific timeslot with you. Closer to the actual mock interview, we will you send you your schedule, along with the resumes of the students who have signed up with you. After the deadline for students to sign up, we will send you an updated copy of your schedule and the corresponding resumes if there are additions or changes.

Questions to ask

Feel free to ask questions that are normally used by your organization in a screening interview. If you'd prefer, click the button below for some recommended behavioral interviewing questions with expected outcomes you can use. Just an FYI: Students are not interviewing for a particular role, but they are expected to have done a little research on you/your organization and should be ready to ask you a question or two when prompted. 

Suggestions on how to use the 30 minutes allotted for each interview: we find that most employers use the first 15-20 minutes of each time slot to actually conduct the interview, then the final 10-15 minutes to provide verbal feedback and answer any questions the student may have for them.

Interview Table
Written Feedback

The feedback form has also gone virtual. Please complete it at:

Your feedback is essential to the success of this program! In addition to the verbal feedback you provide directly to the student, we ask that you provide written comments when possible along with assigning a numerical score. Also, please submit this feedback by noon the following day. Many of our students are working with class deadlines, so our goal is to get them this feedback as quickly as possible.

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In Person and Zoom

Zoom: Priot to the Mock Interview, you will receive a calendar invite that will have the meeting link along with additional information including helpful phone numbers. In order to get you "checked in" and ready to go, please plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your first interview This should give us time to iron out any kinks before you are scheduled to begin. 

For In Person: The link below will take you to view a campus map, as well as see where guest parking is available. Please plan to arrive on campus about 10-15 minutes before your first interview to allow for traffic as well as time to park and walk to our office. We are located in Classroom Center 113, and upon arrival, we will provide you with printed copies of your student resumes, the feedback form, and the sample questions.

Summer 2024
Mock Interview Dates

All summer Mock Interviews will be from 3 PM - 5 PM on Zoom:

Monday, June 17th

Thursday, July 25th

Thursday, August 1st