Internship Information for Employers

What is an internship?

Loosely defined internships are (sometimes temporary) jobs that offer college-major-relevant experience to students. They can be for a semester or summer, or be open open-ended much like a part time job. 

For employers, hiring an intern is a terrific way to 'try out' a new employee for a defined length of time before you onboard them as a permanent hire. Internships are an effective long-term recruiting tool. They give a test period before you make a full-time employment commitment. An intern can work on a special project you've been considering or on launching a new initiative or they can be part of your daily ongoing work. 

Many employers simply enjoy sharing their expertise and investing in the lives of college students. However, there are many other benefits of hiring an intern.

Some WTAMU degree programs require that students complete an internship to graduate, others strongly encourage it. Internships are the #1 way for students to gain relevant work experience and to 'try on' a career before graduation. 

Career Services is committed to helping employers find interns to fill gaps in their organizations. 

For more information, please contact Steve Sellars, Internship Coordinator, at or 806.651.2345.

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