Which comes first...
The major or the career path?

Actually, you can go either way!

Some options for exploration:

Do you . . .

want to do  “the works” to learn about yourself, occupations, then evaluate and compare your findings,
AND THEN choose the best major for your desired occupation?

 If so, then

  • Start by completing all four of the MyPlan Assessments,
  • Review your info and map your findings,
  • Research and compare occupations
  • Evaluate your choices,
  • Review major(s),
  • Ask yourself some good questions,
  • Choose your best major, and
  • Get academic advising for help with class selection.


Laptop People
What about another route?
What if you want a shorter process to explore ideas for a major without exploring a lot of details about yourself?


 Once you decide which of these paths you prefer, just click on the associated links to walk you through it.

*There are of course, many other ways to choose your major or career path, but these are a couple we like.


Good Questions

As you are making your choice you may want to ask yourself:

Have I looked at enough options?
Am I truly interested in the subject?
Does this path relate to the contribution I want to make with my work?
Am I able to do the required academics?
Am I motivated to see this through?
Do I know several occupational options for this major?
Is this really my choice, or did someone else push me in this direction?
Have I discussed this with people that know and love me?
Am I ready to make a decision? If no, what needs to happen first?