Welcome to Buff Pathways!
Here we hope to be able to guide you through a variety of ways that you can take action to determine your future - whether that is your major or your career. We are here to help in any way we can, and if we aren't able to meet, in person or virtually, we hope that this can be an asset to you.
Do Something Great

Guide to YouScience

Follow our self-guided walk to YouScience to learn more about the aptitudes and interests tool, as well as ways that it can help you in your major and career decision making process.

Diverging Paths

Pick the Major and get the Career, or Pick the Career and pursue the Major?...

This may be a question that is plaguing you. Check out our page on Which Comes First... The Major or the Career Path to find out more on how the process works and which way works (best for you!)

Dance Performance

So many degrees, but don't get overwhelmed!

Even with the different kinds of degrees, including Career Specific and Liberal Arts, we don't want you to feel overwhelmed but all of the options. Learn more about what the core curriculum is and what the differences are between the degree types.