Finisher's Program

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West Texas A&M University and Clarendon College Announce Latest Partnership to Expand Access to Bachelor degrees in Small Communities

The Finisher's Program

The BGS program, named for the Bachelor of General Studies degree, will incorporate prior college credit and all credit that is available through Clarendon College, enabling students the fastest and most cost-effective path to their degree.

They can also become certified teachers through this pathway using the PACE program.

All courses will be delivered online and students can major in General Studies or any one of more than a dozen other undergraduate online degrees.

And for students seeking a graduate degree, they can continue their studies through one of the many online WT graduate programs.

So in a sense, with the Finishers strategy in place ...the Clarendon College service area now has access to 15 undergraduate degrees, 21 master degrees and one doctoral degree w/o leaving home! All with Clarendon College as their partner.

How does this degree program work?

Step One: Contact Us - we will review your prior credit and goals to determine if this is the right program for you.

Step Two: Join the Finisher's program at CC. This will allow you to study and grow with other students also pursuing this degree plan and give you resources needed to FINISH your bachelor's degree at your home CC campus

Step Three: Complete the courses necessary to fulfill your plan. You may need as few as 36 additional WT credits (12 courses) to complete your 120-hour Bachelor of General Studies degree, depending on your prior college credits.

Step Four: Graduate! You will have your bachelor's degree from a highly respected university that is known and trusted across Texas and beyond.

What is the BGS Degree?

Although not the only online degree available through this program, the Bachelor of General Studies degree in specific allows students the ability to pick courses based on your post-graduate goals and apply your past learning to create a customized degree. You can prepare for careers in education, business, agriculture and more without the limitations of a traditional degree.

In an economy where tomorrow's jobs will be quite different from today, a general background with concentrations in subjects of interest to you will provide the greatest preparation for your future.

This partnership between Clarendon College and West Texas A&M University ultimately gives students in rural areas the ability to earn a bachelor's degree without leaving the community they work and live.

Built to be Affordable

  • Students have the ability to incorporate up to 84 (of the 120 total) directly from CC. This allows the potential for an additional 21 credit hours to be earned through CC at our lowest cost.

  • Scholarships are available for CC students and awarded annually.

  • WT tuition/fees are among the most affordable in Texas.

  • WT Transfer scholarships available.

  • Both CC and WT programs are eligible for federal and state financial aid.

Built for Your Life

  • Classwork is completed online.

  • Students will have an area and a point of contact at each CC campus available to them to work together on this program with other CC students as well as network and collaborate to help complete your degree.

Interested Individuals Should Contact:

Clarendon College

Donna Smith, Clarendon College Childress Center,

Chancey King, Clarendon College Clarendon Center,

Aaron Lopez, Clarendon College Pampa Center,

West Texas A&M

Patricia McCormick, WTAMU Advisor, at 806-651-5307 or