Transfer Student Appeals Process

Students have the right to appeal the University's admission decision. An appeal to reconsider an admissions decision may or may not change the decision. There are generally two reasons that a decision will be changed: (1) extenuating circumstances that were previously undisclosed, or (2) if the academic record changed significantly from the information on file.


If you are a transfer applicant who believes there are extenuating circumstances, or if your academic credentials have significantly improved, you may consider appealing the University's admissions decision. When appealing an admission decision, you should provide appropriate supporting documentation.

To appeal, complete an Admissions Appeal Form and return it to the Office of Admissions along with a personal statement. Letters of support may also be submitted, but are optional. The personal statement should include information explaining why you should be considered for admission, as well as supplemental factor(s) for the basis for your request (ex. education and career goals). You may submit any other additional, relevant information for consideration not described above.

Factors that may assist in determining academic readiness under the Admissions Appeal provision may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • first-generation status
  • employment experience
  • family or other personal circumstances
  • special abilities or achievements
  • leadership activities
  • public or community service activities


Your admissions file will be reviewed by the West Texas A&M University Undergraduate Appeal Committee. Consideration for admission can occur ONLY if the applicant has submitted ALL required documents ( Admissions Appeal Form, personal statement, and optional letters of support*.)

Appeals are for consideration of admission to the University only; students who are granted admission may not be admitted into to the academic program of their choice.

The Undergraduate Appeal Committee is selective when approving Admissions Appeals. The committee will not select students whom they believe will be at an academic disadvantage.

Students who apply for Admissions Appeals must demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • significant academic improvement
  • extenuating circumstance(s)
  • potential for success

Furthermore, the Undergraduate Appeals Committee will give significant attention to the student's academic history and trends. For example, a recent improvement in G.P.A. may support an appeal, while a recent and/or consistent decline in G.P.A. may not support an appeal.


Undergraduate Appeal sessions occur periodically throughout the year. You will receive notification by mail after your documents have been reviewed. To be assured that your documents can be reviewed for the semester applied, all required documents must be submitted as soon as possible. Appeals submitted after classes have begun will not be considered for the current semester, but may be reviewed for a later term.

For more information about the appeal process, please read the Admission Appeal Form below. If you would like to discuss your academic alternatives, call (806) 651-2020 to speak with an Admissions Counselor.

Undergraduate Appeal Form