Compliance Helpline

The West Texas A&M University Environmental Health and Safety office recognizes that, within a complex, expanding, and the ever-evolving panoply of federal and state rules and university standard operating procedures, compliance can be difficult or confusing. The EHS Compliance Helpline has been developed to:

  1. Provide assistance and support for WTAMU employees who seek information on research compliance,
  2. Provide an avenue for WTAMU employees to voice concerns of any kind related to potential noncompliance related to EHS standard operating procedures, and external agency regulations.

The WTAMU EHS Compliance Helpline is confidential and anonymous (if desired).

Resolution will be made by knowledgeable individuals. The program is managed by Dr. Angela Spaulding, Vice President of Research and Compliance. West Texas A&M University is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, accounting standards, accounting controls, and audit practices. Any person may submit a good-faith complaint regarding compliance matters to the management of the University without dismissal or retaliation of any kind. You may submit a Compliance Helpline request in several ways.

  1. Email submission:
  2. Telephone or fax contact
    1. Richard Smith, Assistant Vice President for Risk Management and Director of AREHS
      WTAMU Box 60217, Canyon, TX 79016
    2. Robert Thompson, Director, Fire and Life Safety Environmental Health and Safety
      WTAMU Box 60835, Canyon, TX  79016
    3. Dr. Angela Spaulding, Vice President for Research and Compliance; Dean of the Graduate School and Research
      WTAMU Box 60215, Canyon, TX 79016