Submitting a Proposal

Submitting a grant proposal is a daunting task with many details to be considered.  SRS is here to help.  This page contains useful articles on various aspects of grant writing, and other articles to guide and inspire.   If there are particular topics you would like to see addressed, contact Sponsored Research Services via email or call 806-651-2983.

Want to Learn the Grant Writing Basics?

Visit the Grants.Gov Community Blog for a multitude of articles and videos on topics such as eligibility, understanding the funder, tips on things to avoid, and much more. Be sure to look at the other links at the bottom of that page!


USDA Funding Priorities for Research

When developing a proposal to submit to a federal agency it is important to understand that agency’s mission and strategies. In order to be a successful grantee, your research plan must address this focus. This article focuses on the United States Department of Agriculture and its funding agency, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Obligated to Hire?

If you name a particular individual as "consultant" and list their credentials, do you have to hire that specific individual if you are awarded the grant?  Charles F. Howard, Jr., Ph.D. answers the question in this short article from the Principal Investigators Association.

4 Steps to Build Both Tenure and a Research Career

According to Dr. Greg Ball, it takes "strategy, self-direction, and strong professional networks" to achieve tenure while maintaining an independent research career.  Learn the four steps he suggests to accomplish these goals.

How to Become a "Rat Whisperer"

The techniques used by successful animal researchers that minimize pain and distress are learned through expert training, nurtured through ongoing education and skill development, and executed by engaged staff and students. Becoming a "rat whisperer" is not beyond the reach of the invested researcher.

Are You Ready to Publish?

It’s always important to publish promptly, of course, and there may be rare extenuating circumstances when it’s necessary to publish before you feel you’re fully ready. But experts generally agree that the decision on when to get your results into print should be driven by the science — not simply your desire to see your name in the high-end journals as often as possible.

Obtaining Strong Support Letters from Collaborators, Contractors

You’re writing a grant proposal and need letters of support from collaborators and contractors you intend to involve. How can you ensure that these provide the details that will have an impact on reviewers? One surprising tactic is for the applicant to write the initial draft of the proposed letter personally.

How to Craft a Winning Title for Your Research Proposal

A title that stands out from others and virtually compels reviewers to read your application adds one more advantage to your chances of achieving a high score (if the substance of your proposal is top-notch).

Grant Writing Tips for Graduate Students

Financial pressures have shifted grant writing to the forefront of skills that graduate students need to survive academic life. Some students receive instant gratification and get a grant the first or second time they apply. Far more common are repeated rejections. What are some great tips for successful grant writing for graduate students?

Intellectual Merit

Question: I'm writing a proposal for an NSF grant. The "intellectual merit" section seems to have very specific requirements and not much room to make a case. Can you offer me some tips or tactics?