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Training Requirements

West Texas A&M University requires all individuals conducting or participating in research projects (including faculty, staff, and students - this will be all personnel listed as a PI or CI of the research project) involving human subjects (or serving on the IRB committee) to complete training for the protection of human subjects. Additionally, training regarding the responsible conduct of research is required. These requirements are fulfilled by successfully completing online training courses available through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website.

All individuals engaged in research involving human subjects must complete the required CITI training modules and quizzes with a minimum passing score as indicated on the CITI course description. Courses may be repeated as necessary to achieve the required passing score. Upon completion, a certificate can be printed by the trainee and submitted with the IRB application; however, this is not necessarily required as AR-EHS will verify training completion through the CITI website during the IRB application process. Additionally, CITI will provide an electronic notification of training completion to AR-EHS.

Refresher courses are required as outlined in the course description.

Successful completion of appropriate CITI modules is required before the IRB will review the application for research involving human subjects. No IRB review will occur without successful completion of all required training.

Follow the CITI registration instructions to create an account and enroll in the appropriate training. The guidance provided is appropriate for most human subjects researchers. This guidance should be readily accessible prior to initiating the CITI registration process.


Training Delineation