Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to be listed on a protocol as a PI or CI?  
What training do am I required to complete as a PI/CI?  
How often does the IRB review proposals?  
What does the IRB look for when reviewing protocols?  
When does a research project require IRB review?  
What kind of projects do not require IRB review?  
How do I submit for IRB review?  
Does IRB approval expire?  
Can a study or project be changed after IRB approval?  
When can study changes or revisions be submitted?  
How are changes or revisions submitted for IRB review?  
How do I collaborate with work at multiple institutions?  
What is non-compliance?  
What is an Unexpected Problem (UP)?  
What is an Adverse Event (AE)?  
How are Unexpected Problems, Adverse Events and Non-Compliance reported to the IRB?