Academic and Research Environmental Health and Safety (AR-EHS)

General Information

The Academic and Research Environmental Health and Safety (AR-EHS) program provides the necessary programmatic and activity-specific guidance to:
  • Address applicable environmental protection.
  • Promote student, faculty, and staff safety and health requirements.
  • Advance best management practices.
The AR-EHS program requires that each faculty and staff member, including paid graduate teaching and research assistants, complete the basic AR-EHS orientation, as well as appropriate activity-specific training. Supervisors, as well as employees, are encouraged to identify needed training and to request and complete the training.

The overall goal of the AR-EHS program is to:
  • Support academic and research staff in providing a safe educational and research environment for students and staff.
  • Conduct all activities in accordance with all environmental regulations and laws.

The cooperation and support of the AR faculty and staff is essential to the success of the program.

Additionally, as according to the WTAMU mission, AR-EHS is dedicated to educating students and faculty in innovative academic and co-curricular undergraduate and graduate training related to health and safety. The University serves as the principal academic and cultural center of a multi-state region and is a significant catalyst for economic development by expanding the frontiers of knowledge through education, research, and consultation. AR-EHS seeks to engage students through effective teaching and practical experiences involving research compliance.

AR-EHS supports all university academic and research components. For fire and life safety needs, please contact the Fire and Life Safety Environmental Health and Safety Office at 806-651-2134.

WTAMU AR-EHS Compliance Plan

Standard Operating Procedures and Forms make up the WTAMU Compliance Plan. All of WTAMU's SOPs and their associated forms may be accessed from this link.

Compliance Committees

AR-EHS Compliance Resources for Researchers