Class of 2022

McNair Scholar Mentor Title of Research
Dr. Gene Farren

 “Impact of Resting Metabolic Rate and Body Composition Knowledge on Nutrition and Exercise Behavior”

Dr. Brandon Bang

"Crisis Intervention Teams (CITs): Models and Their Effectiveness in Police Departments”

Dr. Nicole Kraus

“The Fact in Fantasy: An Analysis of Expression in Tabletop Roleplaying Games”

Dr. Keshav Shrestha

“The BCS Theory of Superconductivity” 

Aurora Garcia-Comer
Dr. Maha Shrestha

“Optimizing Reaction Conditions for Synthesis of Bio-Based Epoxy Resins”

Kimberly Gladney
Dr. Brenda Cross

“Effects of Face Masks on Speech & Language Understanding”

Maryann Heffley
Dr. Brandon Bang

“Seeking Injustice Through Inadmissible Statements: Selective Hearing or Selective Accountability?” 

Fatima Hernandez
Dr. Lisa Garza

“Parental Perception and Influence on their Latino Children’s Educational Aspirations”

Andrea Mata
Dr. Ryan Mattson

 “Educational Inequities in Developing Economies”

Dr. Lee Doernte

 “Comparing Energy Expenditure in Adult Transfemoral Amputees by Prosthetic Knee Type: A Meta-Analysis”

Dr. Juan Garcia-Oyervides

“A Feminist Reading of the Three Deaths of Marisela Escobedo”

Andres Rivas
Dr. Craig Bednarz

 “Determine and Compare Drought Tolerance in Different Trifolium Species in Water-Limiting Conditions in the High Plains Area”

Delia Salinas
Dr. Leslie Ramos-Salazar

 “Does Social Media and a College Education Have an Impact on Students’ Financial Literacy?”

Joey Zimmerman
Dr. Stephen Karaganis

 “Circadian Regulation of Platelets in Mice”