Getting Started with an IACUC Proposal Submission

Below is a list of suggestions on how to get started, resources needed, and an overview of the submission  process.
  1. All research involving animal subjects at West Texas A&M University or Cooperative Research, Educational and Extension Team (CREET) must be reviewed by the IACUC.
  2. A quick read of the Animal Welfare Act and a scan of the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, 8th Edition and the WTAMU Rules and Procedures will provide a foundation for your overall research endeavors.
  3. The WTAMU IACUC requires that researchers conducting animal subjects studies complete IACUC training appropriate to the research being proposed.
  4. Your specific research project will dictate the information needed. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided for completing and submitting your IACUC proposal.
  5. During this process you will need to assemble the forms, write your proposal narrative, and attach your supporting documentation.
  6. The final step in the process is to submit your animal subjects research proposal to the IACUC.

Guidance to the IACUC process and answers to your questions should be on the IACUC website. If, however, you cannot find the answer to your questions on this website, please feel free to contact:
Jimmy Gray, Interim IACUC Chair, at; or AR-EHS at