Steps to Submission

To submit a proposal to the West Texas A&M University IACUC complete the proposal packet.  


Step 1 - Complete the appropriate proposal.

Step 2 - Submit the proposal to the IACUC in electronic or hard copy format to:

Academic and Research Environmental Health and Safety (
Killgore Research Center, Room 159
WTAMU Box 60217
Canyon, TX 79016

Step 3 - Complete proposals will be presented to the IACUC on the 1st and 15th of each month (excluding December and May 1) in accordance with the IACUC Review Calendar

Step 4 - Continually check your email INBOX for any IACUC reviewer comments or an approval notice. Once the IACUC approval is granted, data collection may begin.

Step 5 - If the IACUC needs clarification or revisions, the request is handled via email from AR-EHS. Revisions can be emailed to AR-EHS (

Step 6 - An approval notice and formal approval letter will be emailed to the PI and CIs from AR-EHS.

Step 7 - Amendments to change the approved protocol can be submitted at any time. An amendment form and any revised documentation can be emailed to AR-EHS ( for IACUC review.