Inspections for Improved Safety

Regular safety inspections play an important role in establishing effective safety and health strategies at worksites everywhere.

In the past, West Texas A & M University’s Academic and Research Environmental Health and Safety (AR-EHS) has kept paper inspection records, however safety management software allows for this process to be automated. Automation offers safety coordinators, faculty, principal investigators, and laboratory managers more options during the inspection process, and can help better frame responses to inspection results or workplace safety and health trends.

With IndustrySafe, WTAMU’s Academic and Research Environmental Health and Safety Program (AR-EHS) gains a powerful tool in the effort to conduct thorough and effective worksite safety inspections.

Through the automated features of IndustySafe's inspections module, AR-EHS is able to adopt a recurring safety inspection schedule. The safety software will alert supervisors to upcoming or overdue inspections, ensuring these important reviews occur regularly.

Gain greater visibility into inspection scheduling and reporting

In addition, AR-EHS is able to monitor the results of each inspection with IndustrySafe's comprehensive reporting abilities. Principal Investigators, department heads, and deans can analyze compliance rates, determine the areas of the business that suffer the most deficiencies and quickly see if any areas have been overlooked for inspections.

With this increased visibility, AR-EHS is better able to make changes that will improve the university's compliance adherence, as well as its internal safety and health practices.

Maintain compliance with regulations

AR-EHS can upload supporting documents, export data to other applications or monitor safety inspection metrics across several locations or regions. Ultimately, IndustrySafe's inspection module provides a more nuanced level of inspection reporting and analysis. AR-EHS is able to conduct more thorough inspections and adjust operations or safety rules quickly and thoughtfully.

Rely on IndustrySafe for its powerful safety software modules

The inspection module is just one critical aspect to IndustrySafe safety management software. By tracking inspections, worker training initiatives, incident reporting and behavioral observations with this convenient and effective safety software, AR-EHS can gain greater control over WTAMU's safety initiatives.

As a result, principal investigators, department heads, and deans are more informed and able to firm up any weaknesses or shortcomings in their laboratory. WTAMU as a whole is able to avoid the ramifications of noncompliance with federal regulations.

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