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Social work is a rewarding, challenging, and fascinating field dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and communities everywhere. This discipline can involve counseling individuals one-on-one to assist with issues such as trauma, addiction, family conflict, or mental illness, helping families navigating issues such as child welfare and adoption, helping people process grief or provide educational information in group settings and so on. Social workers can be found in almost any setting, from veterinarian offices, private clinics, schools, nonprofits, and political offices.

Beginning Fall 2024 - Apply Now!

Priority Deadline: April 1st, 2024
Regular Deadline: June 30th, 2024

Students can apply now to the online MSSW program through the application portal on the WTAMU Graduate School webpage. 

Meet graduate Social Work student, Alyssa Jenkins. After 20 years in medicine, Alyssa began her journey towards a second career. She chose social work because she wanted to be able to give back and help others. Alyssa found a new passion in hospice care and says if she could give other students one piece of advice, it would be "to embrace it all". The challenges and struggles will be worth it in the end.

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Benefits of a Masters in Social Work

While it is possible to work as a social worker with a bachelors degree in social work, there are several benefits to obtaining a masters degree in social work. If you are looking to further your career or to work in a clinical setting, you may want to consider applying for a Master of Social Work program. 
command a higher salary
A study from the NASW workforce Center found that salaries tend to be higher for social work professionals with an MSSW degree. For example, a social worker in the medical field with an MSSW will take home a salary more than $20,000 per year than a professional with a bachelor’s in the same setting.
more career opportunities
Due to Medicare and Medicaid regulations, an MSSW is considered an entry-level position for many medical facilities including long term care, hospice, dialysis centers, and mental health care facilities.
start with any bachelors degree
You don’t need a Bachelors in Social Work to get a Masters in Social Work. AND, if you do have a Bachelors in Social Work within the last 5 years from an accredited program, you are be eligible for “advanced standing" and can finish your Masters in 1 year!
prepares you for clinical work
An MSSW degree will qualify you to study to become a licensed clinical social worker.  This process begins once you have earned your MSSW degree and generally lasts around 24 months in the field. After successfully graduating with an MSSW, you will need to work alongside a supervisor in preparation for a final test to obtain your license. Once you have received your license to practice as a clinical social worker, you will be eligible for higher paid social work careers that entail more responsibility. Clinical social workers tend to focus more on assisting clients with mental health problems and are qualified to provide diagnoses, make general assessments and practice an array of therapy-based techniques with clients to help them work through and overcome issues.

Program Costs & Scholarships

Advance Standing Program Costs**:
If the student comes in as an advance standing student, they will complete 36 credits
  • Cost for in-state tuition is just under $13,000
  • Cost for out of state tuition is under $15,000

Two Year Program Costs**:

If the student is enrolled in the two-year program, they will complete a total of 60 credits

  • Cost for in-state tuition is just under $22,000
  • Cost for out of state tuition is under $25,000

**Estimate does not include required course materials. Plus $56 fee each semester enrolled in an online program.


There are numerous scholarships and financial aid programs available to graduate Social Work students.


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