Qualifying Exam

Purpose of the Qualifying Exam

To satisfy Ed.D. program requirements, doctoral students must successfully complete a comprehensive qualifying exam (QE). The QE for the doctoral degree is an important milestone in the doctoral student’s progress in the program. The QE determines whether the student is academically prepared to advance to candidacy and to begin independent research. The QE is usually attempted during the summer of the student’s second year in the program after completing a significant portion of required coursework a

The QE evaluates the student’s academic preparation in the field of educational leadership including the understanding of relevant research methods and applications.

Student QE Eligibility

A student is eligible to attempt the QE after completing 30 SCHs in the program (including transfer and/or competency-based credit). An eligible student must maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA in all coursework completed (not including those courses graded “S” or “IP”).

Before June 15 of the summer in which the student intends to attempt the QE, the student shall submit a written request by email to a Program Director to attempt the QE. The QE may not be attempted until a QE request has been approved by a Program Director. A Program Director will email the student approving or disapproving the student’s intention to attempt the QE.

Ed.D. Higher Education Pathway Director

Dr. Janet Hindman

Ed.D. EC-12 Pathway Director
Business and Finance Pathway Director

Dr. Eddie Henderson

QE Format

The QE is a written exam of three hours administered in a proctored setting. The exam is administered in the WTAMU Canyon or Amarillo campus computer center using WTAMU computing resources on a date determined by the program. The date, time, and place of the administration is posted on the program’s website. The specific format of the exam is determined by the program.

If a student requires modifications to attempt the QE, the student must notify a Program Director by email 30 days prior to the exam administration. A student, who due to extraordinary circumstances is unable to attend the on-campus administration of the exam, must contact a Program Director and arrange for an alternative proctored administration of the exam. All “first-attempt” exams must be completed before August 1.

Students attempting the exam will be required to present photo identification at the time and place scheduled for the exam.

The QE is a high-stakes exam. As such, the QE must be the result of a doctoral student’s individual efforts. Collaboration between the student and others completing the QE is prohibited and constitutes academic dishonesty. Students may not access or use any resources during the exam administration. Students may be dismissed from the program for any form of academic dishonesty and/or ethics violations.

The QE is composed of two Sections. Each Section is scored independently. The outcome of each Section will be “Pass” or “Not Pass.” Failure of either Section constitutes a failure of the exam.