Tuesday Tip: How to Prepare for the Career and Internship Expo

How to Prepare for the Career and Internship Expo

The Career and Internship Expo is about one week away, so let’s dive into what you can do to prepare for a career fair.  

1. Update your resume and LinkedIn – if you’re like most people this is something you don’t do regularly. Make sure everything is up to date and get someone else to read over it, or better yet, make a resume review appointment with the Office of Career and Professional Development and let us help you! Visit to sign up for an appointment.  

2. Strategize and research – plan ahead to see what employers you might be interested in talking to then research those companies: do they have any openings listed on their website that you could ask about? What majors are they looking for? What relevant skills should you talk about?  

3. Plan your outfit – you don’t have to be dressed in a three piece suit to look professional. If you have a suit, great! Otherwise work with pieces you already have in your wardrobe and supplement where you’re lacking. For example, if you have a nice blouse and cardigan you may only need to buy some slacks to finish off a professional look. Thrift stores, friend’s closets, and even Walmart can have great options that don’t break the bank.  

4. Practice your elevator speech – this should include your name, major, relevant skills, and even clubs or organizations you’re involved in. If you have experience in your field you will want to make sure you mention that. Even if you don’t get to give your whole elevator pitch, it will get you in the mindset of having to talk about yourself which can be awkward if you don’t practice.  

If you are planning on attending the Career EXPO next week and want to be as prepared as possible then register for our Prepare for the Fair Networking Night, where we give you an inside look and another chance to network with employers! 

Click here to register for the Prepare for the Fair Networking Night. 

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