Sandra V. Davidson


Office: Classroom Center, Suite 320C
Phone: 806-651-2463

Professional Profile

Davidson began teaching part time in the Department of English, Philosophy, and Modern Languages in 1994; she became a full-time instructor in 1998.  She received a B.A. in Spanish, and later, an M.A. in English from West Texas State University, before earning another M.A. in Spanish from Texas Tech University.

Prior to coming to WTAMU, Davidson taught Spanish at Canyon and Randall High Schools.  When she and her husband moved to Plano, she taught at Shepton High School until they moved back to "Buffalo Country," where she has been teaching for more than two decades.

Teaching and Related Service

Davidson teaches beginning- and intermediate-level Spanish courses, as well as an upper level course, Advanced Spanish, which is designed to help students develop listening, reading, and writing skills. She received a Teaching Excellence Award in 2004/05. 

Davidson enjoys informal, out-of-classroom time with students in Spanish Conversation Lab and other events sponsored by the department. Developing relationships with students and colleagues has always been an important part of teaching for her. 

Research and Creative Activity

Davidson enjoys Spanish translation. She has accompanied a group called A.C.T. (Applying Christ's Teachings) to Babicora, Chihuahua, Mexico, where she volunteered as an interpreter for dentists and medical doctors as they examined, diagnosed, and treated people in need of free services. She and her son have gone on mission trips to Acuña, Mexico, with Casas por Cristo, to help build houses. They also have accompanied The Word at Work to Belize to help support organizations that deal with domestic violence and extreme poverty. 

Personal Sketch

Davidson enjoys engaging students in the Spanish classroom in spite of inherent fears and discomforts at speaking a foreign language in front of strangers. She makes her classroom warm, non-threatening, and welcoming, so students can relax and learn to enjoy speaking Spanish, even when they make mistakes. By asking individual students personal questions in Spanish, Davidson creates an atmosphere in which the entire class finds out who works, who has kids, where they're from, what they study, etc. When the semester is over, many students have found friends for life and hopefully have learned to speak enough Spanish to communicate. What a great way to bridge the gap that exists between us and the people who are different from us!