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Do you ever wonder how you came to be convinced of your opinions? Or how one person can be certain one thing is true, while someone else believes the opposite? Or what makes someone think one painting is more beautiful than another? Or even, what it means to be a good human being? These are philosophical questions. When we seek answers to questions like these, we offer reasons for their truth. These reasons, in turn, require more reasons.

Philosophy is an ongoing quest for the first reasons or principles required to answer such fundamental questions.

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What You'll Learn

Philosophy classes here at WT offer you the opportunity to cultivate your ability to work with, understand and generate arguments in the context of what some might call the "big questions." This skill, besides giving you a way to navigate life’s most basic questions, is hugely valuable in all fields of study and work. Lawyers require arguments to make their cases. Good business people require arguments to set their budgets. Doctors require arguments to make their diagnoses. Builders require arguments to settle on materials and structures. The better people are with arguments, the more capable they will be in whatever field they choose.

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If you are interested in becoming a philosophy minor, or just trying out a Philosophy course, contact our Philosophy Program Coordinator, Dr. Daniel Bloom (, or our Philosophy Program Director, Dr. David Hart (