Philosophy Program

Do you ever wonder how you came to be convinced of your own opinions? Or how one person can be so certain that one thing is true, while another person is just as certain of the exact opposite? Or what makes someone think a certain painting is more beautiful than another painting? Or even, what it means to be a good human being? These are all philosophical questions. When we seek answers to questions like these, we offer reasons for their truth. These reasons, in turn, will themselves require more reasons. So what separates philosophy from other disciplines is that it is an ongoing quest for the first reasons or principles required to answer these types of fundamental questions.

The search for these reasons and principles is undertaken through philosophical arguments. We all use arguments every day, but we sometimes let ourselves off with under-developed thinking. Rarely do we push deep into underlying reasons.

Philosophy classes here at WT offer you the opportunity to cultivate your ability to work with, understand and generate arguments in the context of what some might call the "big questions." This skill, besides giving you a way to navigate life’s most basic questions, is hugely valuable in all fields of study and work. Lawyers require arguments to make their cases. Good business people require arguments to set their budgets. Doctors require arguments to make their diagnoses. Builders require arguments to settle on materials and structures. The better people are with arguments, the more capable they will be in whatever field they choose.

A Philosophy minor fits well with any major. After all, clear thinking will help you no matter what profession you choose. Of course, philosophy is not merely useful for some other end. Wrestling with deep, philosophical questions is good for its own sake, and integral to being a fully developed and educated human being. We offer three CORE courses for you to try out Philosophy:

  • PHIL 1301 - Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 2303 - Logic I
  • PHIL 2374 - Ethics

Only three additional upper level courses are required to get a minor. Choose from courses like Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics, Medical Ethics and others. Our constantly changing assortment of topics courses are often chosen by our minors!

If you are interested in becoming a philosophy minor, or just trying out a Philosophy course, contact our Philosophy Program Coordinator, Dr. Daniel Bloom (, or our Philosophy Program Director, Dr. David Hart (

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