RayLene Dysert

Raylene Dysert


Office: Classroom Center, Suite 325H
Phone: 806-651-2481

Professional Profile

Dysert received her B.A. in English from University of Northern Colorado and her M.A. in English from WTAMU.  She joined the faculty at WTAMU in 2006.

Teaching and Related Service

Dysert currently specializes in Freshman Composition. Her passion has become the basic English courses where she can encourage students who may not have come to college completely prepared to become better readers and writers. She is committed to making sure that all students can be successful in college and beyond when it comes to communicating successfully. As she has said in the past, "I get totally jazzed when I see the light come on for a student, especially a student who has been struggling with the concepts of writing. To see that 'Aha moment' drives me to keep going!"

Dysert also serves as co-sponsor of Sigma Tau Delta and is co-coordinator of the EPML Scholarship committee where student success continues to be her focus.

Research and Creative Activity

Dysert is interested in women's societal roles during the Elizabethan and Medieval eras and spends some of her research time in Shakespearean plays. She also reads as much as possible about the concept of Basic English - reading and writing - in college and beyond.