International Health Insurance

Per Texas A&M System policy, all international students are required to have health insurance.

Please read below for more information about health insurance in the United States and at WT.

Health Insurance Basics

What is Health Insurance?  
Is Health Insurance Required?  
Am I Required to Get Health Insurance Through WT?  

WT Insurance Basics

How Much Does It Cost?  
When Do I Need my Insurance Card/Information?  
How Do I Get My Insurance Card or Information?  
How Do I Enroll?  
Where Can I Use My WT Insurance?  
What Dates is My Insurance Valid?  

Automatic Insurance Waivers

All-Online Students Studying from Home Country - Automatic Waiver  
Non-F1 Visa Holders - Automatic Waiver  

Graduate Assistant Insurance Waivers

What is a Graduate Assistant for Insurance Purposes?  
Graduate Assistant Insurance Waiver Process  
New Graduate Assistants and Insurance  

F1 Student Insurance Waivers

Per Texas A&M System policy, all F1 visa holders at WT are required to have the A&M System-provided health insurance plan.

You may apply for an insurance waiver each semester. Please note that all insurance waiver requests go through the insurance company directly. WT is not able to make insurance waiver decisions or overturn waiver decisions made by the insurance company.

F1 Waiver Request Deadlines  
F1 Waiver Request Process  

Health Insurance FAQs

I'm Graduating in the Summer. Do I Need to Pay for Spring and Summer Insurance?  

Common Health Insurance Terms

In/Out of Network  
Out of Pocket