On campus Housing (Residential Living)

We encourage all students to apply for a residential living room during your first year at WTAMU. There are many benefits to living on campus. Foreign students trying to improve their English and adjust to life in the USA will especially benefit from living on campus.

Please Note: West Texas A&M University has a Housing and Meal Plan requirement of which all potential students should be informed about.The Housing Agreement is valid for a full academic year (fall and spring); it cannot be canceled in the middle of the year. Visit the Residential Living website for details.

Residence Halls Information  

Off-Campus Housing

Apartments are available within walking distance of the University. These apartments are privately owned and not a part of West Texas A&M University. International Student Services has a list of apartments available for your use, but does not monitor availability nor endorse specific properties. All arrangements for off-campus housing are the responsibility of the student. Please know that many apartments are not furnished and you will have to purchase your own furniture. Additional expenses such as rent and utility deposits, electricity, water, gas, and internet are common. Some deposits can be in excess of $500 and utility costs very monthly.