STEM OPT Extension

Students can apply for OPT up to 90 days before the end date listed on their initial OPT EAD card.

Students are not eligible to apply for STEM OPT after their EAD card expires.

Students on STEM OPT are required to report certain changes within 10 days of the change. In addition, students on STEM OPT must report every 6 months. Please review the Reporting Requirements While on STEM OPT section for more information on important deadlines and timelines.


What is STEM OPT?  
When Can I Apply for STEM OPT?  

Eiligibility for STEM OPT

Student Eligibility Requirements  
Employer Eligibility Requirements  
Job Eligibility Requirements  

STEM OPT Application Process

Step 1 - Check Your I-20  
Step 2 - Check Employer Requirements  
Step 3 - Pay the Post-Enrollment Fee  
Step 4 - Request STEM Extension with WT  
Step 5 - Apply for STEM OPT with USCIS  

Reporting Requirements on STEM OPT

You are required to report ALL changes to the following within 10 days of the change. Please update both your SEVIS portal and the WT OPT/STEM OPT Update Form

On STEM OPT, you are also required to report to a DSO every 6 months, even if nothing has changed.

Please set a calendar reminder at least 15 days BEFORE the reporting date to submit your updates. Be mindful of international processing times, which are about 10-15 business days.

Personal Information Changes  
Employment/Employer Information Changes  
6-Month Reporting  
12-Month Reporting  
18-Month Reporting  
24-Month Reporting  


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Who Do I Reach Out to With Additional Questions or Concerns?