Change of Major

After you begin your studies at West Texas A&M University, you might find it necessary to change your major for various reasons. There is both a University process as well as an immigration process involved in changing your major.

University Process

  1. Review degree requirements and coursework for the new major in the university catalog.
  2. Contact the department of the new major and make an appointment with an academic adviser. You may also contact an advisor in the Student Success Center located in the Classroom Center Building.
  3. Take a list of course work you have already studied to your appointment. Review what classes you have already taken and what classes you need to take for your new major with your new advisor.
  4. Sign an advising agreement with your new adviser. This agreement will be sent to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office will change your educational records to reflect the new major.
  5. Register for classes in your new major.
  6. Students enrolled less than full time are required to provide the International Student Office with the required documentation.  This must be done prior to the first class day for the semester they are under enrolled.

Immigration Process

  1. Notify an immigration adviser in the International Office of your change in major.
  2. Estimate the additional time needed (if necessary) to complete the new program. Does the program end date on your current I-20 give you enough time to complete the new program?  Please alert the international advisor if additional time is needed as result of your major change.
  3. Make an appointment with an immigration adviser to update your I-20 with the new major.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

  1. Copy of new advising agreement
  2. Updated financial information if the change of major delays your degree completion by one year or more.