WTAMU Amarillo Center Course Lists

WT in the Heart of Amarillo

West Texas A&M University has changed the landscape of Amarillo with the creation of a permanent campus in the heart of the city. Opened in 2019, the new Buff stomping grounds are located in the Commerce Building at 8th Avenue and South Tyler Street, a central location that allows for future expansion.

WT's presence will further efforts to revitalize and energize downtown Amarillo, while helping provide a highly-qualified workforce for area employers.

Take Classes in Amarillo

WT offers select upper-level and graduate classes in downtown Amarillo at Harrington Academic Hall. This facility is a great asset to WT as it provides classroom experience and services for students and the community in Amarillo. Degree programs housed in Harrington Academic Hall include communication disorders, special education, licensed professional counselinggraduate social work, school psychology and instructional technology.

The Center is also home to the Speech and Hearing Clinic, the Center for Learning Disabilities, the Small Business Development Center and the Panhandle Area Health Education Center. Services for students include a University BookstoreBuff Gold Card Office, and a computer lab.

Those who enjoy the face-to-face classroom experience will find Harrington Hall to be the perfect option for building a résumé or completing a degree with less drive time. Search course offerings with this link, and choose the Term, then select "300 - Amarillo Center" as the Location.

Faculty offices are located on the 3rd floor. Classrooms are located in the basement of:

Harrington Academic Hall WTAMU Amarillo Center.

720 S. Tyler
Amarillo, TX 79101

Services offered by Harrington Hall:

  • Library Services (3rd floor, Room 316)
  • Gold Card (3rd floor, Room 312)
  • Bookstore (located on 1st floor on northeast side of building)
  • Open Access Computer Lab (located in the basement, Room 41)
  • Call for rental pricing information or to reserve a space

Contact Michelle Howington at 651-8200 for more information.

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